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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mission or Maintenance Part Four

The humans in the Wall –E movie were in a maintenance mode. They had left the job of caring for something in the hands of another while they relaxed and fed themselves. They had become self aware and were willing to let others do their work for them.

When Jesus told His disciples to tarry at Jerusalem for the moxie that was coming it was for a purpose. He was giving them a mission. “You will be my witnesses” He said. Now there is an eternally based mission.

Being a good husband can give me a sense of purpose, but I will not be a husband in heaven. Husbandly purpose is temporally based. Lost sinners can be good husbands just the same.

Being a good father, a good employee, or a good athlete, is the same. These things may even bring me reward while I journey through this life and I can appreciate that. I give an account to God for whether or not I was a good steward of these responsibilities. I understand that. But they are still temporary matters.

We as the church have been given something even greater to steward. It is our mission while on this earth. We are called to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to our generation wherever we encounter them. At home, on the job, in school, at work, in the neighborhood, etc.

It doesn’t take moxie to sit at home and do nothing. It doesn’t take moxie to fit right in with everyone else and never challenge the way things are. It takes moxie to make a difference and to speak up for what is most important.

As a nation we have been occupying Iraq for many years now. An evil, cruel dictator was overthrown there. Freedom has slowly been coming to the people. It has required that we have a militant force on the ground there to help bring about that change. Otherwise the enemy would regain the ground that had been taken by the first assault. We have had a presence there to enforce the rights of freedom from tyranny and allow the people to change.

If we had simply gone in and removed the evil ruler and then left Iraq would have quickly returned to it’s former condition. Another evil ruler would have arisen and subjected the people to tyranny once more.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came and waged war on death, hell and the grave. He took on Satan who had held those keys for so long and He defeated him on his own turf.

Jesus came in that first assault to remove our enemy from power over us and set us free. But for that reality to become a long term and pervasive reality in us and our society, the church must return to her glorious mission.

We are called to a higher purpose of life. Sinners are expected to be good husbands and wives, good fathers and mothers, productive workers and talented athletes and musicians. We hope they would be because the other end of that coin produces hardships on everyone. But the fact is even sinners can behave in these areas.

But believers and only believers can bring about the spiritual change needed with regard to eternal life.
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