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Monday, January 5, 2009

Convinced Part One

It was full moon evening and I was with the most lovely girl I had ever met. I was just driving her home that night as a favor. I had no other motive than to be a gentleman and drive her home. But as I said goodnight to her the Lord spoke to me clearly and simply said this is your wife to be. I was convinced from that day on.

I said nothing to her as to not manipulate her or to make her think I was insane. But I knew that night that eventually this beautiful young lady would be by my side as my wife.

Despite all sorts of obstacles and situations that would have meant the end of most relationships we married on November 8th 1986. God fulfilled His promise.

I was convinced from the beginning and I never looked for another woman, or questioned whether or not the Lord spoke to me. It was His grace that accompanied His word to me and enabled me to stand even when it appeared it was the most hopeless idea on the planet that she would be married to me.

I was convinced! Convinced is an interesting word. In the English language it simply means: to make certain, to make someone sure or certain of a thing. To persuade fully.

Of what are you fully persuaded?

I get stupid things in the mail all the time and I am sure you do as well. How many have ever gotten that crazy car promotion where they send you a key and tell you it might be the key that will start a new car?

If your key starts the car it is yours to drive home. I have never gone down and tried that key. I have always thrown it away. Why? I am not convinced it will work, I am more convinced it is a gimmick meant to lure me down to car lot to be assaulted by a salesman. Therefore I do not deem it worthy of my time. I give it no serious consideration at all. I do nothing.

Now why is all this so important to us? Simple. We will not do anything we are not convinced of, especially if it appears to be difficult or impossible.
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