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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Convinced Part Three

What have you clearly heard God about? Once you are certain you’ve heard him you become convinced and hope is shed abroad in your heart as a result.

You begin to act as someone who already has it. You carry yourself differently, you hold your head up and there is a skip in your step.

I remember long ago as a lesson of faith on hearing God I received one of those crazy offers. There was a media products fair being held at the convention center and one company was having a drawing for a DVD player. At that time DVD’s were brand new and having a player was big deal. My friend Jeff was in my office and I told him I was going to go down and register because the Lord told me that it was my DVD player.

Jeff laughed at me. But I told him this was a lesson on faith. I went down registered at the booth and sure enough I got the DVD player. Once I knew what the Lord spoke to me I was convinced and it enabled me to act.

Seem frivolous? It is important that a child of God learn to hear His voice and become convinced because the only way for obedience to arise in the church is for His children to hear from Him and be released to walk n confidence that comes from it.

This generation wants to big things without doing what it takes to become convinced. We decide things by situational ethics. We try something and if it works it must have been God, and if it doesn’t it must have not been God.

Whatever happened to hear God and obey regardless of how it looks?

Whatever happened to, obey is better than sacrifice?

Now there is something we must understand if we are to learn how to become convinced.

Becoming convinced does not come easily because there is an investment on our part that must be made in order to position ourselves to hear clearly and become convinced.

So how do we become convinced about what is ours to own and do as believers in Christ?

We build the spiritual muscle of prayer, meditation, reflection, word study, and being connected with other believers frequently for fellowship and encouragement.

Abraham was a seeker of God. Abraham actively pursued the Lord for guidance and fellowship. He worshipped God. As a result he had relationship with God and heard His voice.

He started out as a moon worshipper in Ur. But when God revealed Himself to Abram he responded and became a worshipper of God. He set the distractions aside and sought the Lord.

We tend to think we can just live busy distracted lives with little time invested in developing in our ability to hear from God and somehow be on fire, fully convinced, believers.
This type of thinking and being is not a recipe for success in hearing God and becoming convinced.

To think we can just summon a prophet to hear for us and then we will be ready is also a common mistake made.

That too is no sure recipe for becoming convinced because we are prone to question whether or not they heard the Lord accurately.

There is no substitute for hearing God for ourselves.
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