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Monday, November 17, 2008

A Sons of Issachar Anointing Part Three

Although the candidate of my choice was not elected and the overall election did not turn out as I had hoped I am not dismayed.

Something is taking place in our nation and there has obviously been a major spiritual battle waged in this election.

Issues hit the front page that our generation found challenging.

Issues like the possibility a vice presidential candidate that may have spoke in tongues, wanted schools to allow both creation and evolution taught side by side, and believed life begins at conception.

Faith was a little more at the center in this election and we witnessed two candidates being interviewed in a church setting about their Biblical values and how they would influence their decisions.

Like the sons of Issachar we need to understand our times if we are to know what the church should be doing. We need our vision corrected!

I have good news today. God is still on His throne and His kingdom cannot be shaken!

Although we are citizens of these United States we are first and foremost citizens of His kingdom!

We must understand this for we belong to a kingdom that cannot be shaken! We have had close up vision far too long. We could only see the things right in front of us but could not see beyond.
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