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Monday, November 24, 2008

In Quietness and Confidence Part One

While in Haiti this past week we had opportunity to observe a man of God in his element and see how it is that he goes about the work God has given him amidst troubles too many and too difficult for many of us to understand. Americans get nervous about their pension funds and how greatly this economy will effect their retirement, Haiti is trying to simply survive. We are unhappy about $2.00 gasoline, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere pays $5.85 for a gallon of gas.

Randy and I got to observe a man with a huge vision, a deep love for his people, who quietly and confidently executes his responsibilities although he does not have all the resources he would like to have to get everything done.

We never witnessed an anxious moment in him. When a vehicle would begin to break down he simply parked it and patiently went to work on another solution. He never felt a need to apologize for the condition of any of the vehicles we tried to use.

We never saw him in a hurry and his rest had nothing to do with laziness. Ignace is no lazy man. Quiet, resourceful, patient, gentle, are words that could be used to describe him, but not lazy.

Even when Hosanna House is filled with guests from here in America who can tend to be demanding and impatient, he and Franchette were a wonderful picture of grace, hospitality and patience.

It is amazing to see how much they have accomplished with so many obstacles to the work. When there is a great need Ignace simply says the Lord knows our need and He will provide.

He obeys whatever he feels the Lord has given him to do without wondering about how it will get done.

All this in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

For this reason I believe I was more humbled on this trip into Haiti than any other. I think the many other times I have gone in I was too immature to take notice of much more than the obvious things, such as the poverty, the chaos, the mess of things that the nation of Haiti is.

This time I became greatly impressed and humbled by the meekness and quietness of two people who simply desire to walk with God wherever He has called them to walk, without complaint and with much prayer.
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