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I currently serve as Senior Pastor of Harvest Church in Knoxville, Tn. I was sent out from Trinity Chapel of Knoxville in 1993 accompanied by my wife Sheila our four children Sarah, Hannah, Josiah & Isaac and a handful of bold, brave and committed believers determined to plant our first church. Pioneering is hard work but well worth the journey. That is why we desire to make disciples of Christ who will, like us, also embrace the call to plant churches.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Second Greatest Gift in My Life

Twenty Two years ago I stood at the front of Trinity Chapel of Knoxville and watched with eager anticipation as the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on approached from the back in a flowing white wedding dress. What a glorious gift she is! My Sheila with deep green eyes, tremendous wit, wonderful humor and incredible innocence. She was so full of God and on fire but on this day I was all caught up in her beauty and the Lord delighted in it.

There is only one thing in all my life that tops the gift this became to me and that was when I met Christ and received the Holy Ghost.

God was so good to me Twenty Two years ago, to give me such a gift as a wife. Her beauty has not diminished, her love for the Lord has grown, her love me is stronger today and our relationship together is something we both rejoice over. We love to have alone time just the two of us, in fact we welcome it at every opportunity we get.

Having four children together, the oldest ones being 21 and the youngest 15 we didn't have much time at the beginning of our lives just the two of us. I am thankful that it has always been easy to be together and I look forward to when it is what we enjoy most of the time and find we must schedule in opportunity to be with others.

The grace of God has been rich in our relationship and for that I am extremely grateful for I can boast of no magic formula that makes us who we are together and makes loving each other such a thing of rest. I can only give credit to God for His grace and His active role in our relationship.

Of course part of that worked itself out in giving me a woman of great depth that He knew would smite my heart. So today we celebrate twenty two years and should Jesus tarry His coming we look forward to the years ahead. It's so nice to be in love with such an incredible gift.
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