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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How great is He to me?

There is a remarkable story in the New Testament that really gives us a glimpse into what happens when we get a revelation of the greatness of Christ.

The disciples had been out fishing all night and had caught nothing. They came to shore, and Jesus gets into their boat and says, "Put out from the shore." He then preaches to the people from Peter's boat. While He does this, we get no indication that Peter is astounded or captivated by what he hears. Then Jesus tells them to put out into the water, and let down their nets. First Peter is reluctant to do it, but he yields anyway.

When the nets come up bulging with fish Peter responds by dropping to his knees in the boat and declaring, "Depart from me Lord I am a sinful man."

What just happened here?

Well, I believe until that moment Peter saw Jesus as he would any other man who was a teacher. Until Jesus demonstrated a power over nature itself, revealing His divinity, Peter perhaps considered Jesus to be a commonplace teacher like all the rest. Maybe Jesus was a better story teller but nothing more until............

Our understanding of His greatness impacts our sense of His worth. He is worthy only so much as He is great! It was no coincidence that led John to say, "He must increase and I must decrease."

We live in a generation that has made an art form of lowering Christ to being more like a peer to us than a glorified Savior, God the Son, or King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Although it is true He calls us His friends, the value of that revelation can only be felt to depth we first understand His majesty and splendor.

To have the great King of Glory refer to me as friend does not elevate me, it magnifies His grace and mercy and humbles me. The story of redemption is far less about me and more about His goodness.

He is the hidden treasure in the field, not me. He is the pearl of great price, not me. With a modern Jesus only capable of being our equal, is it any wonder this generation is not beating on the door of the church to be saved?
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