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I currently serve as Senior Pastor of Harvest Church in Knoxville, Tn. I was sent out from Trinity Chapel of Knoxville in 1993 accompanied by my wife Sheila our four children Sarah, Hannah, Josiah & Isaac and a handful of bold, brave and committed believers determined to plant our first church. Pioneering is hard work but well worth the journey. That is why we desire to make disciples of Christ who will, like us, also embrace the call to plant churches.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are you a friend of Christ?

Some thoughts from my friend Justin McConnel regarding John 15:14-15

There is an awesome song called "Friend of God"; it's a very good song. I rather love it. The chorus goes like this... "I am a friend of God! I am a friend of God! I am a friend of God, He calls me friend!" But Jesus said we are his friends if we obey his commands. If we do what He commands, we are His friends. Jesus doesn't think of obedient ones as mere servants; he calls us friend and reveals the Father's heart to us. We are more than errand boys/girls; we are friends. But the title of friends comes in the context of obedience. Thus, if one does not obey, or do, what Jesus commands, that person is not really a friend of Jesus. However, if Jesus finds we trust Him with what He has given us to do, He will continue to tell us everything the Father has told Him. But He won't just tell his servants; servants have no business knowing the Father's business. He will only tell his friends, i.e., those who trust and obey Jesus with what He's already given them to do.So if we look at our lives, will we find that Jesus will call us friend? Or is Jesus unable to trust us with the Father's business because we won't do what He's already told us?
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