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I currently serve as Senior Pastor of Harvest Church in Knoxville, Tn. I was sent out from Trinity Chapel of Knoxville in 1993 accompanied by my wife Sheila our four children Sarah, Hannah, Josiah & Isaac and a handful of bold, brave and committed believers determined to plant our first church. Pioneering is hard work but well worth the journey. That is why we desire to make disciples of Christ who will, like us, also embrace the call to plant churches.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Beautiful Liberty, Great Risk

I've been considering the fact that, as much as God the Father through the blood of Christ welcomes us to the throne, He also is willing to allow us to move away from the throne. He will not force us to remain before it in worship.

The prodigal was allowed to leave and strike out on his own. There are times when God allows us to have what we think we want or need. He did so for Israel and it brought leanness to their souls.

In an all consuming quest for freedom in this generation of the church, I find an undefined understanding of the concept. Freedom seems to mean anything any particular believer wishes it to mean. However, it all too often would appear there is no fear of God encompassing these claims of freedom. To misunderstand the beautiful truths of what the Bible teaches us about true freedom and misinterpret the character of our God can lead us to think that we have arrived at some place of being "all grown up" and independent spiritually, thinking we do not quite need Him as much as we once did.

Yet the words of Christ still ring true in our times, "unless you humble yourselves as little children."

I want to think like a man not a boy, and at the same time maintain that God-delighting, childlike attitude towards my Father, recognizing my need of Him, and desire to be with Him.

I am soberly reminded that humbling myself under His mighty hand is my responsibility and not His. He woos me with His amazing mercy and shows me light through revealing His truth. Liberty is revealed in that I can bow and worship...or turn and walk away as though He never showed me anything at all.

I think I will bow and enjoy the overwhelming Majesty of my Savior and my God, how about you?
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