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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sowing Precious Seed Part Four

The parable of the Sower is a very important one to all believers. Interpreting this parable correctly provides encouragement and strength for being faithful in sowing the seed of the Gospel. But more than that, Jesus said if we did not understand this parable how would we understand all the others. This parable is a key parable in Kingdom understanding.

This parable shows us that the worth of the message of the Gospel is not measured by the result it produces in men. It is measured in the message that it is.

It is the truth about the work of Jesus Christ the Son of God to redeem mankind, and set them free from being enemies under the wrath of God due to sin, to becoming children of God who enjoy a right relationship with the Father. We go from being labeled sinners to actually being called the righteousness of God in Christ.

The result of sharing the Gospel will produce men and women who become followers of Jesus Christ, but remember these positive results were just one fourth of the soils. Two thirds of the soils receiving seed were unfruitful.

But here is the beauty in that. Although only 25% of all those who heard became fruitful, their level of fruitfulness makes up for them being the smallest percentage of fruit at the beginning.

The outcome ends up becoming multiplied many times over. But never forget that the Sower had to throw seed on the three poor types of soil before he reached the good soil.

So we should not be discouraged when we share the Gospel with as many as we can, and yet not many have acknowledged Christ as of yet. God is pleased with us for the sake of the seed sowing alone.

How shall they hear if there is no preacher the Bible says.

Not preacher based on the way we think of preachers today. Preachers in the Bible were simply those who shared the gospel with others.

If you are one who shares the Gospel with others you are a preacher and the Father delights in what you are doing.

The whole body of Christ is to be such. Spirit filled, seed sowing, love sharing, mercy showing saints who know and love the truth they have been given and generously share it with others.
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