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Thursday, December 4, 2008

No Compromise Part Four

2Corinthians told us; Come out! Be separate! There needs to be something about us that stands out not just one time, but continually. Periodically standing won’t get it done.

Moses is a great example of this coming out without compromise.

In the story of the Exodus Moses had to debate with Pharaoh over the release of the Hebrew slaves. The interaction between Moses and Pharaoh reveals the tactic of the enemy to get us to give in to an easier solution.

Moses came to Pharaoh saying, “Let my people go!”

When Pharaoh realized that Moses wanted to lead the people out of Egypt for good he used cunning to frustrate Moses.

Basically Pharaoh began by saying, “Worship God if you will just don’t leave Egypt to do so. In modern language that is the equivalent of saying, “Christianity is okay and socially acceptable but you don’t need to give up the world for it.”

Satan is all too happy to allow believers the freedom to worship as long as they do not come out and be separate from the world.

But Pharaoh didn’t stop Moses. Moses rejected Pharaohs offer. Moses persevered at insisting on the release of the slaves. So the second time Pharaoh said, “If you must go out of Egypt to worship that’s fine, just don’t go too far.”

Satan tests us to see how far we will go. How far we will go in our walk with God. He’ll let us occasionally meet, occasionally pray, and occasionally read Scripture. Just don’t go too far!

But Moses perseveres, he keeps insisting on a full release. So the third time Pharaoh says, “Okay, let the men go, but the women and children stay here.”

Here again, the offer of a compromise. It’s the same as Satan saying, go on and serve God for yourself just don’t expect your family to follow your example of faith. Satan is happy to let a man or woman get on with God if they will sacrifice their children to do so. The New Testament reveals household salvation for many who believed. Satan will gladly give up one to keep several. He fears the work of the Spirit through an uncompromising believer. He does not want us to be witnesses!

Moses of course perseveres. He wants all the Hebrews free.

So Pharaoh appeals to that big temptation in man. Greed! He says, “Okay go, but the flocks and herds stay.”
Here it’s like Satan saying, “you should not mix your faith with business and the making of money. Go ahead and worship God on Sunday but know you have to come back to Egypt for your livelihood. If you want the good life you will have to get it from me. Your God is not enough.

Why would Pharaoh use all these tactics with Moses?

Because he knew if Moses gave in to just one of them the slaves would still be bound to Egypt. He would inevitably maintain control because they would not have fully come under another master.

If Moses had failed to persevere the Israelites would have remained as slaves in Egypt!

Fully surrendering to Christ is not like adding accessories to a car package so that it is more comfortable and fun to drive.

It is the only way to fully realize the worth and wealth of the life of Christ that has been offered for us.
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