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Monday, September 29, 2008

Beware Affluence

There is something that is rather appealing about simplicity. The first thing is how much less stressful it is.

Second is how much time it grants us to invest in the important things of life, such as the Kingdom of God and relationships.

Currently the modern church suffers due to a lack of time in the lives of the followers of Christ. People feel overloaded in life.

It seems that Christ’ children are so preoccupied with making ends meet they have no time left to do the things the Lord has told them to do.

Some of you may or may not fit into this category. However, it is likely many have and are experiencing this on some level.

Ever said to yourself, “I would like to get involved but I just don’t have the time?”

We’ve been discussing belief, and being persuaded and how that we do not do anything until we are. But what happens when you become persuaded and find that you have too much on your plate already?

What should you do to get things at a place where you can actually obey?

Well, this has to do with our priorities in life. Although it is both Biblical and important to work to provide, did Jesus ever say anything about what level or means we should seek to maintain?

Our culture of affluence has robbed us of a great deal. Right now Washington and Wall street are reeling from the effects of affluence.

Francis Schaffer spoke of the effects of affluence in his series on “How shall we then Live.”

He uncovered the parallels of Roman society during it’s peaks and fall and demonstrated how it’s own affluence led it to ruin.

Our own country is in financial crisis over this very issue today. We are there due to being in too deep in borrowed resources .

What happened? Someone wished to have more and found a way to get there.

More often than not we want more home than we can keep up with, more car than we can afford, more this, or that, without realizing that with each desire comes stewardship, payments, etc.

All this equates into time being lost as we work more hours, more jobs, and spend more time in upkeep etc. Life is being sacrificed at the altar of affluence.
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