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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Challenge to Church Musicians and Worship Leaders

When Solomon was setting up the temple and arranging the kingdom according to his father David's admonishment he was to establish the following:

1Chronicles 23:5 four thousand were gatekeepers, and four thousand praised the LORD with musical instruments, "which I made," said David, "for giving praise."
These instruments David made; why did he make them?

Notice what the musicians were charged with.
I have heard many worship conference instructors talk of how the glory of God overwhelmed the priests of Solomon's Temple during its dedication.  Somehow I have never heard one of them hit on this very specific purpose identified in Chronicles. Praise is the purpose, praise matters!

Praise takes our spiritual eyes off of us and places them upon God who is able and willing!
God has used praise throughout human history to ignite faith in the hearts of those who belong to Him.