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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Learning to Walk With God Part Four

2Kings6:18 When the Syrians attacked, Elisha prayed to GOD, "Strike these people blind!" And GOD struck them blind, just as Elisha said. 19 Then Elisha called out to them, "Not that way! Not this city! Follow me and I’ll lead you to the man you’re looking for." And he led them into Samaria. 20 As they entered the city, Elisha prayed, "O GOD, open their eyes so they can see where they are." GOD opened their eyes. They looked around—they were trapped in Samaria!

Not only did the Lord grant Elisha a good nights rest, and peace in the midst of his circumstances, but He also delivered the enemy into Elisha's hands. God was setting a trap the whole time and it was meant not just for Elisha’s benefit, but for the benefit of the servant, and all of Israel. If Elisha had been ruled by his emotions and ran from the situation he would have never had the opportunity to see the enemy humbled.

God ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts and we will never discover them if we live by the impulses and logic of our soul alone. Our soul is always busy seeing things according to the circumstances and trying to scheme our way out of them.

Remember Elijah’s response to this type of threat? When Jezebel threatened him he fled into the wilderness and became depressed. He asked God to let him die. Elijah had powerful miracles and amazing exploits in his ministry just as Elisha later did. But Elijah didn't have the calm and quiet confidence. Elijah seems more emotional and impulsive.

Elisha asked for a double portion of what Elijah had. Some think it meant he was asking for twice as many miracles. But that is not what we find when we look at these two men. What we do find is that Elisha had calm where Elijah did not. Where Elijah became depressed and was ruled by his emotions at times, Elisha is steady and resolved. The double portion was to know how to be confident when problems arise. Many want miracles as if miracles is what will grant them the confidence they need. But you can have miracles without deepening your walk with God, just as you can have gifts without deepening your conformity to Christ. Just look at the Corinthians.

When we walk according to the Spirit we are walking in relationship and we can look to Him from whence cometh our help!

Only God knows what He is up to and only through seeking Him can we know which path is right and what step is next.
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